Frequeqently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions


How long has Soapbox Trips been involved in overseas missions?
Soapbox Trips began as Soapbox Expeditions in 1993 and has been sending volunteers on short-term mission trips since then and has a reliable and successful track record. We are members of Global Connections and are recognised by Global Connections as operating under their Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission and have been since 2007.

Isn't this kind of thing a bit risky?
It can be. But most things in life worth discovering involve a risk element! Having said that, we are very careful in our planning to make sure that we have carried out a risk assessment for each location and we heed the advice of the Foreign Office in London who advise on travel and security. All applicants will be briefed on Health and Safety issues and we have a clearly defined Child Protection Policy, PDF available on request. We also conduct a de-briefing on return to the UK and have an Aftercare helpline for people should they require it.

My son/daughter/someone I know could do with doing a trip like this to help them 'sort their lives out'. Is going on a Soapbox Trip going to help them do this?
A Soapbox Trip, whilst being life changing for many, is not the kind of environment in which those with issues that might benefit from counselling or have behavioural problems will flourish. Some of the sights they will see in cases of extreme poverty can be disturbing. In addition, the dynamic of a Soapbox Trip team relies on team co-operation and a willingness to submit to the team leaders in matters of behaviour and authority. Any adverse behaviour can be severely destructive to the team dynamic. Also, our relationships with our project partners have been built up over many years and for them to witness inappropriate behaviour within a Soapbox Trip team could be detrimental to our ongoing relationship with them.

Finally, Soapbox Trips reserves the right to repatriate offending team members and in both this and the case of inappropriate behaviour being discovered prior to the departure of a team, any funding raised towards the project target cost or building costs may be forfeited. Please see the terms and conditions. Contact Kathy and Shaun if you need further clarification or telephone 0790 242 2275.

I've only just heard of Soapbox Trips so how well established are you?
Although Soapbox Trips as may not that well known, we have been sending people on short-term trips to the developing world since 1993.

Why does it cost so much to go on a Trip?
Our costs are kept to a minimum because we are a non-profit making organisation. We keep our costs low and our budgets tight and use only a small part to help us with administration costs. We want the money raised to go to our projects so we purposefully do not spend a lot of money on advertising or promotion.

What about insurance?
Every participant on a Soapbox Trip project is covered by appropriate travel insurance. This is not simply of the 'holiday' variety but in addition to the usual health cover it also covers each person for the kinds of activity that the team will undertake. In addition, and this is really important, Soapbox Trips carries full third party liability cover. We do not try to reduce our responsibility to applicants by asking them to sign a waiver.

Tell me about the Target Costs.
Target costs are what we estimate what the project should cost to run. It includes all local travel, food and accommodation, sightseeing/excursion and a small contribution to the cost of materials that will be needed on the trip.

What is the money used for?
The money raised by our participants is used for international travel, internal travel, basic food and accommodation, medical kit and equipment, children's club resources, fully comprehensive insurance, orientation events, polo shirts, sightseeing and a contribution towards material costs. Extra fund raising by participants for the project building or materials costs is greatly appreciated and enables more work to be accomplished. Any money left over from our Trips at the end of the year is used to help us develop our support base for our project partners world-wide.

What is the role of a Personal Supporter?
You can't do short-term mission on your own. You will need the support of others around you. Personal Supporters are simply people who will get alongside you and encourage you. They will want to know how you are and how it's going as you get closer to the time your project goes. When you return, they will want to hear all about it and make sure you have an opportunity to talk through the things you've experienced.

Information for families wishing to apply.
We are delighted to be able to offer projects that are specifically designed for the whole family. Look for 'Family Project' next to the dates within the FaxFiles. Soapbox Trips is happy to take families on our projects. We are striving to make our projects as 'family friendly' as possible and want to include children in as many of the teams as we can. Minimum age is 8. If a child has their own passport, we will need the number.

There are, however, some activities that might be inappropriate for children to participate in. For example any work on a building site or visiting certain slums. Parents/Guardians will need to exercise discretion when choosing a project for which to apply. Our project officers, Kathy and Shaun can advise. We would ask that children participate fully in any visits to orphanages etc. that are a part of the project. A big part of these teams is to be an encouragement to the local people and our project partners and those we visit will love to see the children.

For every child that is present on a team we need to have one 'loco parentis' adult for them in order to comply with good practice and our child protection policy, available on request. Any further questions you may have about travelling with your family please contact Kathy and Shaun on


What kind of people go on these type of Trips?
All kinds of people from many different backgrounds and skills aged 8-75. Some think they are unskilled but they soon discover latent abilities! People like you and me!