Soapbox Trips Information: Teachers and Educational Trips


Where? Jinja, Uganda, East Africa

Who? Qualified Classroom Teachers, Deputy and Head Teachers

How much? The cost of the trip is £1,250 and excludes flights. From past experience, teachers that have gone on previous trips have received full and/or partial funding from their LEA.

What will I do?
You will share your teaching skills and the thematic curriculum with the local teachers so that they can be more effective in providing education to the children of Uganda.

We work closely with the teachers and schools to establish and enhance lesson plans which promote active participation and understanding (teaching the basic understanding and methods of the Thematic Curriculum as used in most UK schools). You will experience a totally different way of teaching where classes of 60 plus is the norm. Children are taught by rote, squashed into rows of desks, with little or no equipment and a school day that can stretch from 7.00am to 5.00pm. Year groups that include children who, for a variety of heartbreaking reasons, are years behind in their schooling results in young people in primary school who are in their teens. Add to this discipline that at times can only be described as Dickensian and you find yourself a world away from the easy comfort of every UK classroom norm. However, the African children’s passion for learning coupled with a desperate desire to be in school, plus their warmth and joy will reward you with satisfaction beyond belief as you make a lasting difference to the lives of these wonderful children.

Who will benefit?
The children and teachers in the schools will benefit from the input of new ideas in all areas of education from curriculum content and delivery to planning and assessment. Teachers from the UK will get a real taste of this captivating culture by working right at the heart of the community as well as learning a wealth of new skills. You will excite your children on return to the UK by opening their eyes to another world and broadening their horizons.

Why should I go?
You can be part of a movement to improve health, wellbeing and education and provide brighter futures for some of the world’s poorest communities. By using the gift of your time you can change young lives forever. When school is over for the day you can step out into a world waiting to be explored. In the evenings you will be free to absorb the beauty of an African sunset and chill out.

Where will I stay?
In secure accommodation.  All rooms have fans, mosquito nets and netted windows. The nearby hotel has a swimming pool situated to give stunning views over the mighty River Nile where you can either cool down in the pool, or simply relax at the end of a satisfying day.

What is included in the cost?

  • Pre-departure orientation briefing.
  • Bed, breakfast and evening meals.
  • Up to 2 litres of drinking water a day
  • Airport pick ups and transfers on arrival and departure.
  • Daily travel to and from school.
  • All expedition logistics including risk assessment and community liaison.
  • 24 hour logistical support from Soapbox Trips in country staff and UK HQ.
  • Assistance and support during your project from Soapbox Trips staff.

Any surplus money goes directly back into our overseas projects and into the heart of the communities on the ground.

What is excluded? [but we can advise you on]

  • International flights [approx £595 - £750].
  • Visa [approx £33/$50 US].
  • Travel Insurance [approx £45].
  • Vaccinations.
  • Anti malarial drugs.
  • Any accommodation and food prior to expedition start date or post finish date.
  • Any wines and spirits, email, internet and telephone calls.
  • Any food, accommodation and travel if you choose to leave the expedition team eg. at weekends.
  • Any optional meals away from the accommodation.
  • Lunches [approx. £2-£4 a day]. School lunches will be cheaper!
  • Any optional activities on days off such as swimming, guided safaris, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping or other activities.
  • Personal spending money for items such as curios and gifts.

Why go with Soapbox Trips?

We have over 20 years extensive experience of taking volunteers from the ages of 16 to 75 years to the developing world for periods from 1 week to 12 months. Over this time we have developed strong and lasting relationships with the indigenous people in the areas where we work. Soapbox Trips has local people who are always on hand to deal with any problems or emergencies and provide support with understanding local customs and traditions.


Arranged by request.
Further info
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