Giving to Soapbox and paying for Trips

Money Matters

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SoapBox Trips is a part of the registered charity 2:52 Challenge. Like all small charities, the reality of it is that we can't operate without funding. It costs to do the things that we seek to do in making a difference around the world.

Become a Soapbox Trips Supporter

We at Soapbox Trips would like to maximise the resources that are available to us for our trips.  We believe one of the best ways to do this is through the regular giving by supporters who are prepared to commit to a small amount each month, paid through standing order.

We would love you to consider becoming a supporter of us and commit to donating an amount to Soapox Trips/2:52 Challenge on a regular basis. It doesn't matter how small that amount is because it all makes a difference. If you would like to consider this further please click on the link below.

Soapox Trips/2:52 Challenge is able to reclaim the tax paid on any gift given to us by a taxpayer.  If you are able to become a supporter please fill in the standing order form and the gift aid form if applicable and return them to us.

If you are unable to give regularly and would prefer to send a one off gift we would be grateful to you for doing so and, if applicable, please fill in and return the gift aid form to us.

Standing Order/Gift Aid Form