Testimonials: What people say about Soapbox Trips

It is comments like these below that inspire us to continue in short term trips.


Djoah: " I had a great experience which will stay with me for a lifetime that I’m sure will positively influence my future nursing practice. Thank you for facilitating this opportunity!"

Jocelyn: "Thank you for this unforgettable experience and I’m sure you will hear from me in the future."

John: "We were delivering second-hand clothing and footwear donated by friends in England who wished to support our organisation's mission.  It was a joy and privilege to see the children's faces as the garments were matched to them.  They felt like royalty.  We were humbled by their joyful gratitude. Africa is often referred to in negative terms.  Yet we met inspirational people who were building a better community to empower people to make decisions that would benefit their lives and those of future generations.  I am proud to have contributed to that effort."

Jan: "They will be learning so much! A medical training can be so much more than just training to work for the NHS and this experience is a move in the right direction! Keep up the good work, this is an important time...it changes your view of the world!"

Sarah: "More so than ever before, I gained a deeper insight into the African mind-set and the challenges that cross-cultural work can bring but it was a richly varied experience for which I am most grateful."

Camille: "I left the country with a huge feeling of frustration and the wish to do more and to help more. This experience was mind-blowing and I am so ever grateful for the opportunity. Thank you."

Sarah: "This experience was a life changing opportunity which couldn’t have occurred without Soapbox Trips and I am so grateful that I have been able to experience this.  Thank you!"

Tim: "Just again, a wholehearted THANK YOU, for co-ordinating this experience for me. It was truly fantastic and I made many lasting memories."

Alexia: "I feel very grateful that such experience was made available to me. Thank you to everyone that made this possible."

Sarah Leon: " Soapbox has reached out and touched so many lives across the world. If it wasn't for Soapbox, I wouldn't have found Jesus! I will always be eternally grateful for the short term trip I did to Bolivia with Soapbox."

Linda: "The three trips I did with you made so much difference to my life and are among the best memories I have."

Lizzie wrote: "My trip to Ecuador was life-changing in so many ways and I couldn't have gone on a short-term mission without Soapbox offering that chance. May God richly bless you and lead you to new challenges and exciting adventures as you trust in Him. Thank you Soapbox! X"

Sarah wrote: "Feel very privileged and pleased to have had opportunity to go out to Kosova with you guys this summer, to go with my husband and show him a little of what I have been going on about over the years, the amazing experience and blessings Soapbox brings the project partners and the team. I still tell him that it was only the jet lag from my Soapbox trip to Zambia in 2007 that meant I said yes when he first asked me out!"

Matt wrote: "Soapbox serves an incredible purpose and changed, challenged and inspired many lives for many years. Proud to have been apart of that journey."

Andrew wrote: "Thank you Soapbox and Shaun and Kathy for all you have done. Going to Kibera changed my life in a big way and broke my heart for the people there. That trip is a big part of my testimony and has shaped what I am doing now so thanks again."